book-bg “More than just the divertissement of an aging diva, Viardot’s Cendrillon is a lovely, absorbing work: the enterprising troupe who decided to mount this jewel of a score would do themselves and their audience a most agreeable service.” — Opera News

Pauline Viardot’s


in English translation

With a new English translation and optional orchestrations, Scena Music Publishing offers a new vocal score of Pauline Viardot’s witty and charming 1904 salon opera, Cendrillon (Cinderella), which has been edited, re-engraved and contains the English translation.

This one hour opera is suitable for any sized college or university opera program or amateur opera company. It can be minimally staged in English or French using piano, with limited sets, costumes and props; or can accommodate larger productions up to a full theatrical staging with chamber orchestra. It is perfect for educational outreach performances or as a substitute for an undergraduate college scenes program.

Translated by Rachel M. Harris; orchestrated by Charles Effler.

Instrumentation (each version has a full score )

Version A: 1 flute, 1 oboe, 1 B-flat clarinet doubling B-flat bass clarinet, 1 bassoon, 1 horn in F,  timpani, percussion, harp, strings (min.

Version B: as above, but string parts edited for one-player-per-part and a piano part doubling only the strings

Version C: piano from the piano/vocal score plus string parts from Version B